Fazioli Pianoforti

Preparing the piano action

The action of a piano is made up of thousands of parts, each of which contributes to turning the movement of the pianist's fingers into sound.
Three main parts form this complex and delicate mechanism: the action, the keyboard and the hammers.
Our actions are made to our own FAZIOLI specifications by the most reputable specialists in the field.
The wooden heart of the hammers is made from walnut, a wood that has excellent characteristics in terms of stress and impact resistance over time. The finest quality of felt is selected for the hammers in order to obtain the maximum strength and elasticity. The hammer shanks onto which the hammer head are attached, are made from hornbeam which is known for its strength and flexibility.
The keyboard, which is also made to a specific Fazioli design, is seated on an oak frame. The spruce keys are checked and individually prepared to fit perfectly to the oak frame. The action is then positioned on top of the keys and thousands of fine adjustments are patiently made by the Fazioli technicians to ensure that the pianist’s intentions are transferred through the complex mechanism of levers, to the hammer and finally the strings, with incredible accuracy.

Fazioli Pianoforti s.p.a.
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