Fazioli Pianoforti

The sound board

The sound board is made by laying several lengths of red spruce, cut from the trunk using the quarter sawn method, side-by-side and gluing them together.
After passing a rigorous selection process the 1cm thick lengths, which are between 8 and 12cm wide, are chosen by the highly specialised Fazioli technicians.
Before being glued together, the lengths are planed by hand to ensure that they fit together seamlessly.
The gluing takes place using the time honoured manual clamping system which is still considered the best way of obtaining precise results. After gluing the board is shaped and the excess wood is removed.
Both sides are then leveled and polished using a special calibrating machine to ensure they are perfectly parallel.
Finally, the board is left to rest for at least three years in a climate controlled room which rigorously maintains the ideal conditions of humidity and temperature.

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